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President Buhari to clamp down Perpetrators of Kaduna Killings

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  • President Buhari to clamp down Perpetrators of Kaduna Killings

    President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday said the ceaseless killings in Kaduna State must come to a halt and directed security agencies to go after the perpetrators and bring them to justice, the Vanguard reports.

    The president made the remarks in Kaduna where he went to commiserate with victims of the recent clashes in the state.

    He said those who were used to go scot free after such killings, must now face the music of their crimes.

    “The Federal Government will take strongest measures possible to punish perpetrators of these crimes. No one will go Scot free. “We shall now hold everyone to account for these latest killings,’’ the president stressed.

    Buhari who described the incidents as “unacceptable’’, said Kaduna must not earn itself a new name as “home of violence.’’

    “My earnest appeal to all citizens of Kaduna is to do their best to uphold peace in their respective communities,’’ he said.

    The president commended the state government for managing the crisis, and assured that his administration would recruit more security personnel and deploy them nationwide to protect citizens.

    He also welcomes the pledge of the state and local governments to support the construction of more police and civil defence offices to enhance security at the grassroots. Buhari appealed to all citizens to be law abiding, learn to listen to each other and resolve differences through peaceful means.

    He also said that individuals and communities must respect the rights of others to live wherever they chose, worship freely and pursue lawful livelihood anywhere in this country.

    Buhari said that the federal government is doing its best to develop human capital, tackle poverty and inequality in all parts of the country, as well as provide decent education and health.