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    IBRAHIM BUNU TELLS THE TRUTH TO AUTHORITY! Hey! Do you think you have seen Nigeria at her worse economic meltdown or seen the worse killings and religious wars yet? Well if you think so then just wait until our very dear PMB wins the 2019 presidential election then you'll know better... In the meantime, please ignore your hatred for reading and read this to the end because it is a wake-up call to all of us who wants things to get better in Nigeria. Written by IBRAHIM BUNU. Why are we blaming Buhari and Not Ourselves! In 2015, we changed a govt under which human beings and businesses fared well. The South watched as the Northern oligarchy, with the help of Lagos media, demonised the govt of the day, manipulated the electoral process to install a radical Islamist and we said nothing. 1. He appointed our Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Air Staff from his tribe/religion, we said nothing. 2. He appointed our National Security Adviser from his tribe/religion,we said nothing. 3. He followed it up with appointment of DG DSS from his village/ religion, we clapped for him. 4. He appointed Chairman EFCC from his tribe/religion; we kept quiet. 5. He appointed IGP from his religion and we said nothing. 6. He appointed Minister of Defence from his tribe and religion, we said nothing. 7. He appointed Minister of Interior from his tribe/religion, and we clapped for him. 8. He appointed CG Immigration from his tribe and religion, we were the more quiet. 9. He appointed CG Civil Defence from his own religion and region, we said nothing. 10. He appointed CG Prisons from his own tribe and religion and we hailed him. 11. He appointed DG NIA from his village, tribe and religion and we said it is his prerogative as President. 12. He appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence from his tribe and religion; we were the more quiet. 13. A man is elected President and he concentrated the appointments of heads of entire security agencies in the country in one religion and region and you didn't notice it was in furtherance of an agenda? 14. Why is he so interested in having all the security heads from his religion and region? 15. Generals Obasanjo and T.Y. Danjuma, President Buhari's major supporters, have come out publicly to speak on their fears for Nigeria. The elders know Nigeria is sliding into great danger. Any moment from now, like they called Chief Obasanjo names; they will call Gen. Danjuma too. They might tell you it's because PMB has stopped corruption that the General is angry and crying. They won't tell you that General Danjuma is a very rich Nigerian already that do not need anything from govt appointees. 17. Once President Buhari returned from London, after his last discharge from hospital, at the peak of IPOB agitation, he made a national broadcast and launched "Operation Python Dance" to deal with IPOB. His Attorney General applied to court to declare IPOB a terror group and proscribe it. IPOB never killed a single Nigerian to our knowledge. 18. Uptill this day, the President has not made any broadcast on fulani herdsmen and their militant wing, that have killed and pillaged Nigerians in their thousands. Their leaders come out to take responsibility for such killings and they are still walking free. No arrest. No prosecution. It is an agenda. 19. Who do we now blame? We were warned but we didn't heed the warnings. We needed change so badly and anything but Jonathan was fine. 20. Chief Femi Falana, Pastor Bakare and other rights advocates, you have let Nigerians down. You spoke so vehemently against GEJ but kept quiet in the face of tyranny, injustice and killing of Nigerians under PMB. God will request the blood of the Nigerians who have died in the hands of the emboldened herdsmen,at your hands. As General Danjuma said, we are in real danger in Nigeria. Silence is no longer golden! 2019 is fast approaching, a chance we'll have to correct our mistakes and right our wrongs and to salvage what we have left, so please.... Kindly swallow your prid

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    Your Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR;
    On behalf of the entire Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, I wish to use this medium to convey to you, Mr. President, our sadness and deep displeasure over the incessant killings and general insecurity being experienced across the length and breadth of our dear country Nigeria but especially in the North Central part of the nation in recent times. We are very saddened by the fact that our security Agencies have not been able to put measures in place to bring the situation under control. Instead, the signals we are getting are that we do not have enough number of personnel to secure all the people of Nigeria. In the meantime, farmers cannot go to their farms, neither are they safe in their villages. We hear reports of the killers attacking the villages and feeding the yams in the barns of the inhabitants to their cattle. The height of it is that now they have pushed their boundaries to attacking people in their places of worship. If it was Boko haram, as we know it, it would have been sad but not as alarming as when so-called herdsmen are the ones perpetrating these crimes. Most disturbingly, our security agencies seem incapable of dealing with the situation
    Mr. President, many Nigerians embraced happily the change mantra upon which they elected your government to power and they welcomed you with open hands and minds, with much hope for a new vista of life for our countrymen and women. Three years after, Your Excellency, our people now live in palpable fear especially because of the killer-herdsmen who actually qualify to be called terrorists. We watch helplessly as our hope for a better tomorrow trickles away in the hands of herdsmen who are proving to be deadlier than even the Boko Haram, if they are not Boko haram in another guise. Innocent people are now being murdered at will and their means of livelihood forcefully taken from them. Children are being turned to orphans, wives to widows, husbands to widowers. Communities are being wiped away in manners that can only be likened to ethnic cleansing. Human life, a most sacred gift from God, has become of less value than that of cattle in this part of the world. This is unacceptable!
    Being a secular nation, our constitution clearly provides for freedom of worship without fear or favour in any and all parts of the nation. Alas, in some parts of the country this is not the case in practice. We watch helplessly as thousands of people in communities that are predominantly Christian, particularly in Southern Kaduna and the North Central parts of the country are being massacred, displaced from their ancestral lands and treated as second class citizens. In many towns and rural areas, people of these predominantly Christian communities are victims of religious intolerance as they are denied rights to own lands to build their Churches and worship their God in peace. Out of all the girls that were kidnapped at Dapchi, Leah Shaibu stands out as the one yet to be released simply because she is Christian and has refused to deny her faith. Unfortunately, incidents such as these have led to the fear of an agenda to Islamize Nigeria. Permit me to say, Your Excellency, that you are often accused of being in support of this agenda. We are confident that you would not fail to discharge yourself from such accusations in a way that would be crystal clear to all.
    Mr President, today, Tuesday May 22, 2018, is a watershed in the annals of Catholicism in our country Nigeria. It is a day the entire Catholic Church in Nigeria speaks out, in a practical way, against in


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      Buhari's children, Zahra and her siblings, paid millions of naira as school fees developing their future and Career.*Jonathan's Children 've been moved to London for studies and residence while Developing their career and living In Affluence.....*Atiku Abubakar's Children are abroad schooling....*Tinubu's Children are abroad schooling and Living in Affluence. So are the children of Saraki, Kwankwaso, Wike, T. Y. Danjuma etc. They are all developing and investing in their children to Continue to rule Us after they are gone.....

      You, their supporters, are there as a Jobless graduates wearing APC and PDP and Obasanjo Coalition Customized Vests and Polo Shirts Chanting "Change" & "Power" holding Brooms and Carrying Umbrellas chanting "Transformation" maiming and killing yourselves, formenting trouble and Constituting nuisance to the Society because of Peanuts that can't make you better citizens...... *Stop being a disgrace to your Discipline, Stop Wearing APC Vests and Carrying PDP Umbrellas Because that is the Wish of Politicians for You...* They Know If you have a good Job, they Can't Use you as a thugs or Propagandists . *If Buhari will Not bring all his ten Children to the street for Campaign and Jonathan, Obj, T. Y. Danjuma will not bring their Children and Blood Brothers to the Street for Campaign, then you are a disgrace to your family If you don't Stop masquerading yourself as PDP, SDP and APC agents*, because up till now, I have never seen their own Children On the Street wearing APC Vests and holding Brooms, neither have I seen their Children carrying the PDP Umbrella even On social media let alone on the Street.... *To whom brain is given, Sense is expected!* _Just Vote. No violence_. Spread the news!*