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  • Healing ministry in Nigeria

    The complicity of our silence over the New Phenomenon of Healers and founders of the so-called Prayer Ministry and their "Adoration Centers, - including those of the powerful "priests-healers" in our Catholic Church in Eastern Nigeria (Old Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province), and other parts of Nigeria, is too dangerous for the future of Christianity in our land:

    There is no gain-saying the fact that one of the greatest dangers facing the church in Nigeria today, especially in the Old Eastern Region, are the activities of the so-called healers or founders of the "prayer healing ministry" and their distorted "Adoration Centers".

    Just in the last few days alone, the social media is awash with video clips and all sorts of posts detailing the embarrassing activities of some of the self-acclaimed priest-healers as well as the emerging women-foundresses of prayer healing centers in our land.

    1. For instance, just last weekend, we were all shocked by the posts of one Chika Uzim, a mother of three who runs what she calls a "Divine Mercy Ministry" in Obosi, Anambra State.
    She claims to be both a Bishop and Priest in her ministry, and yet, a Catholic?

    The most curious thing about this lady is that she uses and blesses members of her congregation, majority of whom are young women, with the Monstrance for the Blessed Sacrament.
    This is the most embarrassing and bizzarre aspect of this comic lady and her so-called "Divine Mercy ministry".

    Nothing is yet clear about this lady, her intention and what exactly her Divine Mercy ministry is all about. But the fact is that she has a lot of followers already, especially among the women folks.

    The ecclesiastical authorities of the local church where this lady and her ministry operate is yet to issue a public statement on the issue.

    One would suggest that a Public statement from the constituted church authorities is very important in a matter of this kind so as to help protect the fragile faith of our poor and distressed local Christians, who are often the easy victims of these charlatan pastors and founders of healing ministry prayer/Adoration Centers.

    2. Also within the last weekend, we were also greeted in the social media by the advert-post of one lady called Sr. Favour M.E, advertising her crusade at her "God's Favour Prayer Family", Nkwelle.
    She dotted her invitation card to the purported June Crusade with beautiful photos of three young Catholic Priests, who unfortunately, are also engaged in the same type of prayer ministry and healing crusades.

    Although the three young priests have denied any link with this lady's ministry and purported crusade invitation card, and a kind of recant apology of the lady's God's Favour ministry is circulating online since last Sunday, yet public statement of the ecclesiastical authorities is necessary to clear the air and protect the faith of the local faithful.

    Because associating Catholic priests with a prayer ministry of a lay lady of this kind who has no ecclesiastical approval is very dangerous for the perception people may develop about our local church.

    Already, there is confusion on the air since that invitation advert with photos of three young Catholic Priests surfaced online in the social media.

    3. In all however, the most painful aspect of the whole scenario are the activities of the so-called priest-healers or miracle workers.

    A) We are already tired with the utterances of the young man at Enugu who became a lord unto himself, that he abuses both his Bishop and state governors and presidents.
    Till date, no public statement worthy of note has been issued to dissociate the local church from the menace of this young priest and his so-called "Adoration Center."

    B) The most comic of all is the video post trending online now about another young powerful priest-healer at Uke, Anambra State, who in the video clip is seeing in his clerical vestments, leading members of his Congregation - "Holy Ghost Fire Adoration Center", in