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Nigerian bishop says Church is doing more that the government to protect Christians Thu 31 May 2018 By Eno Adeogun

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  • Nigerian bishop says Church is doing more that the government to protect Christians Thu 31 May 2018 By Eno Adeogun

    A Nigerian bishop has accused his country's government of not doing enough to protect Christians being killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. Bishop Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe of Makurdi said the

    more than 100 Christians deaths this year alone in the Middle Belt region was a result of the militant nomadic herdsmen being supplied "sophisticated weapons". In an interview with Catholic

    charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), Bishop Anagbe said: "The Fulani tribesmen for the most part live in the forests and cannot afford the luxury of such sophisticated weapons - so who is

    funding them? "There is a clear agenda - a plan - to Islamise all of the areas that are currently predominantly Christian in the so-called Middle Belt of Nigeria." Bishop Anagbe said eleven

    parishes in his diocese had come under attacks from militant herdsmen in Benue state where predominantly Christians live. Highlighting the failure of the Nigerian government to quell the

    extent of violence in the Middle Belt, Bishop Anagbe said: "When the attacks take place, there are never any police or soldiers present." Father Tobias Buture, from the Maiduguri diocese

    also criticised repeated security failures. He told ACN: "The inhabitants of Maiduguri see a lack of transparency and honesty on the part of the authorities." ACN Jaco Klamer Bishop

    Anagbe said the Church is doing more to help Nigerians than the government, referencing the more than 100,000 internally displaced people living in four separate camps in his Makurdi

    diocese. "The Church is helping the people whereas the government is not helping us at all in this case," he claimed. Requesting prayer and support, Bishop Anagbe said: "Please pray for

    us and make yourself spokesmen for the suffering our community is going through. We need people to raise their voices in our defence." Stay up to date with the latest news stories from a

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    How will the government react since she is the one persecuting Christians. Anyway, God will never forsake His people.