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John Cena addresses Rap return ahead of Money in the Bank

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  • John Cena addresses Rap return ahead of Money in the Bank

    *John Cena👋 Addresses Rap Return🎤 Ahead of Money in the Bank💼*

    Cena was asked by a young fan during a Q&A at MegaCon if he would ever return to his old Doctor of Thuganomics character on television.

    The Champ insists he loves that persona but hinted that because of the programme’s family-friendly rating he won’t be able to bring it back.

    He said: “The rating of our television show changed and I didn’t want to lose my job.

    “But I will say this, Thuganomics was started before you were born and I still have my degree and I love that time in my career.

    “But I also know where we are. I know the company that I work for and it’s truly an honour seeing a young man like you wearing things that are close to me that I believe in.

    “I liked it then but I really, really like it now.”

    Cena adopted the heel (villain) rapper gimmick in 2003 and made a name for himself as he walked to the ring rapping insults to his opponents.

    The 16-time world champion used the gimmick until 2006 when he started to look more like a soldier, following the release of his first movie The Marine.

    The Leader of the Cenation then adopted a more PG character that would mostly target WWE’s youngest demographic.

    The ex-WWE Champion still uses that gimmick to this day, even though he only performs on a part-time basis with WWE.

    He is not expected to appear at next month’s Pay-Per-View event Money in the Bank due to a busy Hollywood schedule.

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