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Continuation to Effect of the culture of Waste in Nigeria

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  • Continuation to Effect of the culture of Waste in Nigeria

    EMPLOYMENT WITHOUT SPECIALIZATION: One experiences the scattered method of the employment of workers in the country. It is now a matter of connection and a person who studied mass communication will be employed in an oil company. In such a situation, no prior knowledge or training is undergone and such a person continues to act in presumption and trial and error method. As such, resources are wasted.

    LEADERSHIP STABILITY: In Nigeria, every new government that gains power raises a new agenda and mode of operation. It automatically overlooks the efforts of the former government to make its own name. This is the lack of stability in the government. The constructions, investments and plans for development of the former government are pushed aside and allowed to waste. This embezzles the fund of a country. Some of such things which include uncompleted market projects, roads, infrastructures, etc, are allowed to rot away, while they only need little repairs and renovations to begin yielding profit to the economy again.

    POVERTY AND FRUSTRATION: A blessed country like Nigeria, contains a greater number of poor people, as against our neighbouring countries for whom we even provide some of their basic needs, many of the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The rich never wish to help the poor to improve their wellbeing. Most of the Nigerian promising young men have been wasted by the foreign countries, because they travel to seek greener pasture over there without the correct papers. Some died on their way in the hotness of the Sahara desert. And all others in jail for many years because of one illegal behaviour or the other, all these are losses caused by waste in the country. The simple philosophy of life is that the investment meant on or for the wellbeing of fellow human beings, is the best investment.

    RETARDED DEVELOPMENT: The country lacks development because of waste of the resources that are meant for the development of the economy.
    CORRUPTION: Egocentrism is what everyone who finds himself at the top adopts. Every one seeks to make it alone. This brings corruption and disorder in a growing country.
    HEALTH: the capital being mapped out for the renovation and replacement of certain medical equipments and structures are wasted irrelevantly. Dustbins that are meant to be disposed frequently are left to decay and cause health hazard to people. Expired drugs being hoarded by those involved are still administered to people. The ones imported are allowed by the NAFDAC and other concerned agencies so far bribe is offered as agreed. These go a long way in life depreciation. Doctors and nurses are not concerned with the rate of death in their hospitals so far as money does not stop flowing.

    LACK OF ORDER: as already mentioned above, waste materials are littered in the streets, waste bins provided have decomposed for decades without disposition. It always creates an ugly sight as well as it is harmful to health. Wrappers of food and other things consumed in buses and cars are mindlessly thrown out of the vehicle. We urinate anywhere; we park our cars anyhow and bring our sales materials on the roads: all because we are not cautioned and punished. Yet there are those paid monthly to control all these. Is that not a waste of public fund? We need to know that in every sector one is employed, he needs to write his name positively in the sands of time.
    There are many other effects of waste in Nigeria such as: Denial of freedom, Unemployment, Biased Notions of Other Countries etc.

    • Nigeria as a nation with all her leaders and citizens, should shun selfishness and greed. What one gets, he should share with another, for a peaceful co-existence. The simple law of nature holds that when one gives, he creates spaces for new things.
    • The system of works and retirements should be critically examined, their mode of operation exposed and each worker in the office given a personal examination to find out the age and the job duration.
    • Waste agencies should be reawakened and properly oriented on their duties and mode of operation.
    • We should learn to live the life of consideration; a knowledge acquired should be shared with others. One should stop thinking of a personal interest but that which can favour others.
    • Free and fair elections devoid of campaigns and rigging can help in the selection of competent leaders who will seek the progress of the country.
    • There should be a smooth, favourable, friendly and proper handover when power is transferred. There should also be a mutual agreement of continuation between the successor and the predecessor. If this friendly affair does not exist, there is a great possibility of waste of efforts. Apportioned funds should be used for their definitive purposes. Bearing in mind the instability of leadership, one should try to invest, rebrand and develop his work area within the definite regime.

    My fellow Nigerians whatever is good, is worthy of praise. Waste should be discouraged at length in the economy of our country to bring the growth and development. There are those who do not have the things to use, whoever wastes resources is not being charitable.
    Another important point is that everybody should get involved in the war against waste. We do this by beginning from ourselves. Everybody should take caution on how to manage things in order to avoid waste at any sector. Begin today, do not wait for anybody, delay is dangerous. We together can make Nigeria better. Our fortune lies in our hands.