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The effects of the culture of waste in nigeria

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  • The effects of the culture of waste in nigeria

    Life today in the real sense abhors the wastage of any resources, no matter the constituent and how unimportant it may seem. It is disheartening that a nation who cannot make its citizens comfortable, encourage waste in almost all the sectors. Nothing is meant to be wasted since something outdated can be reformed to suit the taste of time. We all are ambassadors of the culture of waste in our country, since we ourselves, in our different locations and modes of operation encourage waste in one way or the other. Is waste good to be adopted as a culture?

    Waste is an extravagant or careless use of things to no purpose or useful end. Also any wrong use or application of things is also a waste. Nothing in existence is meant to be wasted as discoveries have made it possible for outdated things to be recycled for use. Therefore there is no reason behind any waste. This makes waste adequately punishable by nature.


    LABOUR FORCE: One of the most disheartening situations of the Nigerian economy today is unemployment. Waste of labour force whose burning zeal to aid the development of the economy of a country is being wasted. For those in offices, there is a stipulated number of years one is supposed to work and retire for others to occupy the position in one’s stead. But today, age is being modified from time to time to prolong the stay and gain of a particular person in a particular position.

    AGRICULTURE: Agricultural agencies are meant to be monitored from time to time, for the things belonging to the government are mismanaged and even have some of them shifted to the private investments of certain individuals who find themselves at the top in such sectors. This makes production very poor and valueless. People lack dedication as regards their duties to promote the economy. A working agricultural agency should have in record time developed a better way of improving agriculture at large in Nigeria, such that no food item will be purchased abroad. Agricultural chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers etc) are used at exaggerations and not by research findings. Mechanised farming is faced with inadequate facilities, and soon they decompose and waste away without care. Inadequate storage facilities destroy all the efforts of the farmers who produce goods. This is a very high medium for the wastage of important things. Palm trees, forests and game reserves that formally existed are presently demolished and have big houses built in their positions.

    OIL: Our country is one of the countries blessed with crude oil. But many oil companies and government oil wells are no longer in use. The structures as well as the equipment are fast wasting away because of the lack of maintenance. Virtually the percentage of private companies working in Nigeria is very high compared to the government companies. We all are ambassadors of poverty, as the poet T. Umeh puts it. While we complain of the retarded operations of the government, our counterparts in oil states of the country engage in the breaking of oil pipes and thereby causing oil spillage, here oil is wasted because of the selfish interests of the culprits. This destroys the farms, and sometimes causes fire outbreak. This is capable of destroying the whole surrounding buildings, assets, properties, investments and worst still lives of human beings. This is a gross wastage in the economy of a country.

    FOREIGN BANKING: some Nigerian bourgeoisies (rich people) waste Nigerian economy and capital which they have gathered for their selfish interest in foreign banks. Some of the documents of this banking are not shown to anyone for safety purposes. This fund is used by other countries for their development while we retard daily. Some reasonable amounts of money are forgotten in the foreign banks forever without claim, some of the owners die leaving those things to the countries they banked with. In this way, the economy of a country is wasted.