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Need for change in izzi burial rites

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  • Need for change in izzi burial rites

    Dear friends our belief in life everlasting is that death is a participation in death of our lord Jesus Christ for true Christian and otherwise for pagans, for true Christians, at death life is changed not ended. “When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven” (Rom.14:8). Hence the church injunction that “funeral rites should express more clearly the paschal character of Christian death and in concordance to the circumstances and traditions found in various religion or African culture” is what I now approach hermeneutically using my idea of philosophy of hermeneutical current in our contemporary African society. This is a resolution from my consultations and deliberations on Izzi traditional theology of death and practice.

    Burial Rites in Izzi culture
    When a person dies, announcement of the death is carried out in different ways
    1. By notifying the chief priest
    2. By gunshot
    3. By beating okperegede
    4. By ringing of bell or through radio announcement
    Song for the dead, (EBVU ONWU)
    Different songs are composed by the women or the youth depending on the gender and marital statue of the deceased, the music are composed to burial songs and this is used during Eru Ubvu. The picture of the deceased is to be carried along as people dance to the tune of okperegede or other musical drums available, pagans in doing these have a special demand from the family of the bereaved during Eru Ubvu which for me can be address philosophically.

    Hermeneutical approach to the Burial Rites of Izzi Culture
    It is a fact in Izzi culture that if a married man or woman dies, there must be available cow or cows to be used for his or her burial ceremony, but my problem with this culture is not about the life cow but the conditions, it is certain that even if you do not have the cow or cows, you must provide one or more otherwise the deceased remain unburied even if the body have been laid in the grave, not until you provide the life cow the burial rites is incomplete and for them the dead will not reach his or her destination and can never join the ancestors.
    My question is this: what has the dead to do with cows, horses, goats, fowls? etc, tell me if all these mentioned are not for entertainment? I have seen many families today that do stay for more than a month without testing any meat not just that they do not like it but simply because they cannot afford to buy, but when one dies in that family many things happens, some will sell-off their only remaining haters of land, their household liabilities, goats, yam barn, stored rice, some stop their children from school in order to afford a cow using their children school fees to run the burial while some went ahead borrowing money in the cause of burial, etc.

    My Application of Knowledge of Hermeneutics in our Izzi Culture
    Having studied Hermeneutics I think the following resolution will be of great help to save our people from their ignorance. During the burial of the dead, I suggest that whatever should be used to bury the person such as save goats, cows, fowls etc as one can afford not compulsory should be made available at the eve of the burial day and should be used to prepare food for the guest and all present to limit the unnecessary expenses and as well enable the decease family have something to look after those left behind, that is to say that there should be no raw meat or sharing of raw meat before and after the burial and everybody will be given a plate of food served with a piece of meat just as wine should also be shared in the spirit of equality which in turn limit quarrels and fight in burial ceremony.
    It is a fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantian to believe that without cow over a burial of a man or woman, the burial remains incomplete and other funny stories people must of the time say, again it is a fallacy to believe that a tradition is acceptable simply because it is old or ancient, this is nothing but a fallacy of argumentum ad antiquitatem. A dead body has no power over the living for no one die twice but once such that all these our traditional believe remain ineffective when one do not believe. It is merely an insinuation that was never documented and today people made themselves slave to mere notion of ideas just because they were told and been led to; what an ignorance.
    My fellow Izzi people, presentation of life cows, goats, and fowls should be forbidden and of all the animals that will be presented, the bereaved family is to release the ones they deem necessary to be used in cooking. Slaughtering of cows and sharing of raw meat should be absolutely prohibited to save the bereaved family from hardship and as well enable those left behind especially the children. The cows, goats and fowls or anything the bereaved can afford for the burring of the father, mother, father-in-law or mother-in-law should be accepted without deliberation.

    It is high time we stop all these our expensive burial ceremony that is really killing us and leading us not only our children into abject poverty and it is high time we learn from the Hausa’s the best way to bury and instead used the money and items in up-bringing our children, the hope and future tomorrow. The dead does not eat food nor do they speaks to our hearing, why must we celebrate death than life, I think we ought to deeply think over our method of burial and make amend for better tomorrow not just for ourselves but also for our future generations.