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Taxonomy of some animate objects in igbo religious mystical experience

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  • Taxonomy of some animate objects in igbo religious mystical experience


    TORTOISE: symbol of wisdom and discernment.
    FUNCTION: revealing the hidden world; activating ofo.
    OWL: presence of evil.
    FUNCTION: sign of death.
    PYTHON: Presence of the ancestors.
    FUNCTION: sign of presence of the spirit of an ancient founder.
    VULTURE: presence of the spirits.
    FUNCTION: spirit world acceptance of intentions of a devotee’s slaughtered victim for any religious purpose.
    PARROT: symbol of the power of sight and spirit.
    FUNCTION: the feather is power of insight from the spirit world.
    ABUKE: symbol of spirit.
    FUNCTION: it is used for cleansing and other mystical ritual purposes.
    RAM: symbol of strength and valour.
    FUNCTION: the blood is food for amadioha deity; for reactivating weak IKENGA.
    COCK: symbol of appeal and substitution.
    Function: the blood is food for the ancestors and could substitute personality in crisis.
    PIGEON: symbol of peace.
    FUNCTION: for appeasing the divinities and cleaning; activating ofo.

    These animals may appear ordinary, but were traditional religious rituals are involved they transcend into some religious significance and mystical power and such is the magnanimity of thesymbols that is embedded in our culture.

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    This is educative.