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Taxonomy of some mystical animate objects in igbo religious mystical experience

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  • Taxonomy of some mystical animate objects in igbo religious mystical experience


    UDALA TREE: symbols of fertility or motherhood.
    FUNCTION: that of activation for child bearing.
    OGBU TREE: symbol of life.
    Function: as the abode of ones or individual chi.
    AKPU TREE: symbol of life and greatness.
    FUNCTION: is that of activation for protection and the abode of the spirit.
    IROKO TREE: symbol of life and greatness.
    FUNCTION: that it is activated and worshipped as abode of the spirits; abode of ancestors.
    NWU TREE: symbol of power.
    FUNCTION is that it is activated as abode of the spirit; connected with Agwu deity, naturally has many myths and is even mystical in action.
    OJI IGBO-FRUIT –COLA: symbols of life, peace, love, good will and hospitality.
    FUNCTION: in religious rituals, it links the living with all the supernatural powers for all purpose of users, presence of spiritual world among men.
    OMU NKWU: OMU NKWU-Tender leaves of palm tree: symbol of sacredness, seclusion, no transgression, war and warning.
    FUNCTION: portends the Ala deity and the spirits of the ancestors; for activation of Ogu.
    OGILISI TREE: symbol of the abode of the spirit and ancestral presence.
    FUNCTION: attracts the presence of the spirits especially the ancestors; very useful in having favourable link with the spiritual forces; activated with links with Agwu deity.
    YAM TUBER: symbol of providence.
    FUNCTION: life support from Ala and IFEJIOKU deities.
    NZU-(WHITE CHALK): symbol of purity; passport for good luck through the worlds of man and spirit.
    FUNCTION: the dust on the eye-brow for sighting piercingly into spirit world during divination and good will sharing. This is why DIBIAS (native doctors) use it on their eyes during incarnation.
    RAIN STONE: symbol of attracting rain. It is always inherited.
    FUNCTION: has magnetic attraction of the mystic powers in the sky/clouds.
    SHRINE SOIL: symbol of the presence of the deity.
    FUNCTION: has full potentials of the deity.
    OJA-FLUTE: symbol of spirit message in sound.
    FUNCTION: voice of the spirit for action; elevates one to higher plan of spirit world.
    OSE OJI (alligator pepper): symbol of vibrating and activating energies.
    FUNCTION: links the mystical forces to act for or against.

    These animate objects in their natural habitat are very revered for their religious values. The traditional elders handle them with care as they represent spiritual forces. Once they are consecrated they assume higher mystical items used for various religious purposes. These inanimate objects have general religious significance in all Igboland in their symbols and meanings.
    Some animals their symbols and meanings.