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Irish abortion referendum : Anti-Abortion campaign concedes defeat

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  • Irish abortion referendum : Anti-Abortion campaign concedes defeat

    *🇮🇪Irish 🤱Abortion 🗳Referendum🔊: Anti-Abortion❌ Campaign Concedes Defeat👎*

    The main group opposing the liberalisation of Ireland’s abortion law conceded on Saturday that it has lost Friday’s referendum by an overwhelming margin, a spokesperson said. The people of Ireland “weighed it in the balance and it came down on one side. I obviously would have preferred if they had come down on the other,” John McGuirk, communications director for the “Save the 8th” campaign told national broadcaster RTE.

    Micheal Martin, The leader of Ireland’s main Irish opposition party, Fianna Fail, has insisted his anti-abortion parliamentarians will “not stand in the way of the will of the Irish people” and block legislation leading to abortion up to 12 weeks. Micheal Martin gambled with his leadership by coming out in favour of a yes vote even though 32 of his Dail deputies were on the no side in the campaign.

    But speaking his native Cork City on Saturday morning, Martin said he believed that members of the Dail would have to “honour the will of the people” and allow for the passage of the government’s planned legislation. Martin said it was now clear from the two exit polls that Ireland had “emphatically passed” the referendum and that his party should back the Fine Gael-led government to legalise abortion.


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    We can still make a change through prayer, so i believe that all hopes are not lost.


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      It seems prayer does not work these days
      Even Ireland
      The end is near


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        May St Patrick of Ireland intercede for them.


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          What an ugly decision.
          Lord have mercy on us your people.