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Michael Jackson Estate sues ABC over TV special

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  • Michael Jackson Estate sues ABC over TV special

    *Michael Jackson ⭐ Estate Sues ABC Over 📺 TV Special 😱*

    The estate of Michael Jackson sued ABC and parent company Disney on Wednesday, saying a two-hour documentary on the singer's last days improperly used the King of Pop's songs, music videos and movies.

    The lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles and obtained by The Associated Press alleges that last week's special, The Last Days of Michael Jackson, illegally uses significant excerpts of his most valuable songs, including "Billie Jean" and "Bad," and music videos, including "Thriller" and "Black or White."

    It frequently cites Disney's aggressive defense of its own copyrights and its normally narrow view of "fair use," the doctrine in copyright law that says short excerpts can be used for news, criticism and research.

    But when the Jackson camp first raised objections last week, the network defended the special as a legal work of journalism on a newsworthy subject that "does not infringe on his estate's rights."

    As a work of news, the special would be entitled to fair use of excerpts of Jackson's work, but the lawsuit dismisses the idea that the documentary had any news value, calling it "a mediocre look back at Michael Jackson's life and entertainment career."