Masculine of feminine in gender,
This or that party group,
All, a mere fantasy.
On my eyes like river, tears over flood,
The reality of our ‘oneness’
What a misconception and gross negligence,
Pride, all it over rules,
Like a balloon it swollen,
Errors and vices it breeds,
Danger looms.
Everyone, as one take,
I urge you my child.
Our world you can change,
A right mind, just only with,
A true love, its vanguard be.
Our world, only love can brighten,
Our world, only love can enlighten,
Our world, only love can illumine.
Personal witness, not at all, I can be,
Yet i have a dream, my child,
A koinonia, I behold,
Yet to experience I cannot.
To you but a grasp,
Such an ideal state of life,
Over the bar, caste over,
Our individual differences.
On one table, a lion and a lamb will dine,
On one table, a cat and a rat will dine,
To thee, such a state of life,
My child I pray thee.