Nepotism has to do with giving undue and unfair advantages to one’s relatives with regards to employments. This act nepotism, has done great harm to our country Nigeria and is still causing more harm to our nation. Why? Because many people are given appointments not based on merit any longer but because they are in one way or the other related to the man at the top. The act of nepotism is almost paralyzing our country because some of our best brains are jobless while the ignorant are busy occupying some of the important offices in the government because they are from the same region with the man at the top. And you will agree with me that there is no way our country will be better or would even move forward with this kind of attitude. Nepotism and tribalism are among the major factors that keep on destroying the image of this country. A clear example as we all know and can remember is when the senators were elected within the present regime, we are knowledgeable of what happened and how many seats that were given (appointed) to the other zones outside of the zone of the man with power. And this will lead me to the last point I want to arrest and which is: how can a group or particular region (Hausa/Fulani) believe that it is their right that the political power and leadership belongs to them? What about the other regions (Igbo and Yoruba), are they not part of this country too? With all this things going on in our country Nigeria, I don’t think we are heading to anywhere promising. It is unfair for any particular group to consider herself to be the only group capable of political authority in a country.
Finally, for Nigeria to be a better country, the issues of nepotism, tribalism as well as ethnicity ought to be given serious attention.