We have become so aggressive
For our needs are now oppressive
We hanker for piece of cake
Become selfish with the word…take.

Hunger and anger rips us apart
And we are quick to forget we are part
So we fight for unlimited resources
Which greed of some limited it sources.

Our goodwill wishes coated with money
Money hoarded by the ASO witches
Whom we see only on television
Though for those who own television.

Abandoned in a state of nature
Hunger make us seem immature
The little we have, we chuck away in struggle
The quest for survival has taken the mantle.

We work like elephants and reap like ants
The ABJ dudes in excitement watch our rants
Things are hard always getting tougher
Getting us mad making, quest survival rougher.

Yesterday was November and today December
Things are getting better
I see the poor and hopeless taking up guns
And the energetic blood in their prime making runs.