Nigeria is a multi-cultural nation blessed with both human and natural resources. The said country has undergone so many types of government from its inception to the present time where it claims to be practicing democracy. Things are not really working out in the country due to some obvious reasons. One may even ask if the county Nigeria was actually brought into existence by Nigerians or whether the laws made in Nigeria are made by Nigerians or by their colonial parasites.


The reality of democracy takes a pride of place in the mind of any real thinking individual. Democracy exists in principle and not in practice; as a follow-up of Nigerian experiment of democracy. Many things come to mind with regard to the ill-type of notion of politics (Nigerian democracy) where it is seen by the politicians as a business only, the practice of democracy in Nigeria down-plays the proper tenets of democracy. The political structure in Nigeria is made such that any government in power determines the result of elections at their whims and caprices; the votes of the masses do not count in any way.
It is an evidence of fact that in a truly democratic society, the masses elect the government in power and those elected in government will represent their interest as regards performing governmental affairs with fairness and the application of the principles of democracy. Virtually all the features of a democratic society exist in principle devoid of practical application. The media report not what ought to be reported but as it favors the prominent individuals who own them. There is no freedom of media plat-forms; the politicians that own them approve what to make known to the public and what not to be made known to the public.
Speaking with reference to the current political state of Nigeria, a critical mind will come to the full realization that the rules of laws are not fully observed. There are many agitations in the country especially in the eastern part where a group of people commonly known as “IPOB” meaning: Indigenous People of Biafra are agitating for self-determination and the government instead of seeking for dialogue so as to know their problem , rather is using force. This gives credence to the fact that any government that uses force to resolve democratic issues among its citizens is teaching the citizens how to use force to oppose it. Every agitation must have cause or causes. In a democratic society; force is not the solution to resolving democratic issues rather by dialogue.
In the recent time, there are records of lost of lives and properties of the citizens in the country. The funny thing about the sorry state of Nigeria is that those whose function it is to protect the lives of the people are the most threatening and feared people. The people have lost confidence due to the way which the government handles national benefits, to be in any important position is not gotten by merit but by being able to know who-knows-who. The government as a matter of fact should try to balance justice in its administrational activities and not using fighting corruption saga to intimidate its citizens. Life in Nigeria is very deplorable and nothing to write home about. If Nigerian system of government is truly democratic; it must be seen administered and not only heard as it only exist in principles. From the back-drop of this work, Nigeria has shown herself of being still in the infant stage of democracy. One may even wonder if the democracy so to speak we are having in Nigeria is a type known as Nigerian version of democracy where things are just done any how even in the face of law.
The submission of this article is that the experiment of democracy which Nigeria is still doing is making a mockery of democracy. The government should make it to be obtainable in practice whereby everyone is given the equal sense of belonging irrespective of religion, ethnic group or any other dividing line that works against fostering of good democratic governance. The present administration in Nigeria has shown itself of being selective in administering justice. The administration sees any opinion from outside its circle (cabal) as a threat. The whole features of a democratic society should be seen carried out and not only existing in the elusive world.

By Kingsley Onyishi