“Why do we and the Pharisees fast, but your disciples do not fast?” this was a question thrown to Jesus by the disciples of John de Baptist.
Fasting in the real sense should be within and not based on physical appearance. The fasting should be done in secret so that your father who sees all that is done in secret will reward you.

Eating food, does it really mean not fasting? Fasting in our contemporary society suggests depriving your flesh the earthly desires and comforts. One who robs can fast by quitting robbery though he/she eats food. And, therefore, fasting can come in different ways.

A priest once runs into a gang of armed robbers on the highway. Unfortunately for the robbers, the priest had no money on him. After series of harassment and a serious warning for spoiling their job for them, he was asked to go. The priest said in his heart that since those thieves did not hurt him, that he should show appreciation. He put out his hand and gave them a bottle of whisky. But to the priest’s utmost chagrin, the thieves replied in unison “we will not take this drink for we are fasting.” The priest then left them.

My brethren, is this really fasting? Brethren in the Lord, we ought always to do good and abhor evil. Let us keep the ordinances of God and inherit his kingdom, for that is the reward which every Christian pursues. Praise be to Jesus both now and forever. Amen.