I WILL NOT LISTEN Once in the mid-August, 2016, I was in my room roaming in the serenity of my soul until it was upset by a knock. “Yes! Who is there?” “It is I, Cynthia, who am knocking,” the answer came. “Please wait for me in the sit-out for a while. In a moment I will join you,” I told her. I rose from my study to go and attend to my guest. Behold, her face was perplexed and depicted a somewhat feelings of despair and anxiety. After the initial exchange of pleasantries, I offered her kola the much I could. Knowing from her disposition that she had a lot of burden in her heart seeking for who can help her lay it down, I initiated the discussion. “My sister, how are you? You look good today. Please tell me what you do eat that makes you shine like this.” We both laughed amidst other jokes. There was silence for about one minute. I was trying to figure out, within that one minute of silence, how I will approach her for a serious discussion just as she was meditating on how she would let the cat out of the bag. “Brother Izu, abịakwara m na be gị” she finally broke the silence in her vernacular which means “I have come to see you.” She continued: “I have come to see you for help. I have many problems and challenges but I will not bother you with some of them. I will just relate the most pressing one to you now. I took my WAEC in 2010 with at least credit in my nine subjects.” At this point, I said in my heart that this person sitting before me took the same exams with me. “I took JAMB the succeeding year but could not make it.” She continued: “I then went for lessons in preparation for next year’s JAMB. I finally got admission the same year. But prior to that admission I have received abusive words: that I was a good for nothing and that was why I could not pass common JAMB. Secondly, at my age I have not attracted any suitor and so on.” As she was talking I sensed a chocking voice of sorrow/sadness as tears dropped down her cheek. I offered her a piece of handkerchief to wipe off her tears and finish up. “Please, I have come that you may ‘mix’ some prayers for me for the success of my final exam which was fast approaching. I don’t want to e a failure to humanity, brother!!!” After laying bare her heart, I counseled her the much I could through His(God’s) power. I began to enlighten her. “My sister, prayers are not drugs which are mixed. Have you sought the intercession of Our Lady, Mother of Perpetual Help?” “Who is she, I have not heard that name” she explained in amazement. “But you must have heard about chapel, have you visited your compassionate Father who stays there waiting for you? Please, I would like you to follow me to the chapel now, do you have chance?” we visited the chapel, said some prayers and I dismissed her to go in peace. After about two weeks: “do you Cynthia” my friend asked me. “Yes, I know her she even came here two weeks ago.” I explained. “Yes, that is the point. She told me that she came to you for help, to help and mix some prayers for her in preparation for fourth coming final exams. Instead of granting her request you condemned her request saying that prayers are not drugs. She went to another brother P. C. and got his request granted,” my friend explained to me.” This is the full story my friend narrated to me. “People hate truth” dropped from my mouth. If I had told her to give me some handsome amount of money to pray so and so prayer for her, she would gladly do that. Today, Christ turned His gaze on the Jewish religious and political leaders because of their hypocritical behaviour. It didn’t go down well with them because truth is bitter. Even the lawyer who was trying to intimidate Christ received his portion of the slash. St Paul enumerated many types of sins which hold us in bondage. Yesterday, Paul told us that the lamb has set us free from the captivity. Whenever I remind people of this passage that Paul warns us to desist from, the reply “hi, Camy, we this is modern age oooo” will be the answer I would get. Yes I agree with you reading this piece that this is a modern age but the word of the Master is ever new for as He was in the past He is now and He will be. His word is not different from himself. I encourage all especially those who have the obligation to tell the truth to always maintain that not minding the resultant effect. What is certain to me is that people know the truth but would not want to do or hear it. Look at Christ warning against deceit: “it is better for anyone who would cause the downfall of any of these children not to be born….” The children here points to the people of shallow faith. May God strengthen you. Amen. For more visit our page: Give Us This Day.