By 7:26pm on 29th September, this year, I received a call from a friend. Her voice was cracking amidst weeping and sobbing. She managed to speak without her usual exchange of cheerful pleasantry: “Ọ bụrụ n’anyị ahụghị ọzọ, nọdodeooo” she muttered in her dialect transliterated as “If we do not see again live well.” One who heard her voice would simply notice that there was a problem; a big trouble has befallen her. “I didn’t get you what do you say? I purposely replied. But her sobbing would not let her hear me let alone replying. Then I hung the call hoping to call her backing two minutes time.

“I am having issues with my husband,” she managed to tell me when I called her back. “I just finished answering a call and all of a sudden he thundered ‘and who was that?’ after a minute of silence,” she explained. “Just that, what do you think was suspicious in your call?” I tried to inquire. “Nothing, just that I said ‘I miss you,’ in my call; although, last week we had disagreement based on misunderstanding and since then he has been uneasy, and suspecting me of waywardness.”

Some, I know have been victims of similar circumstances – male and female alike. When you begin to suspect your partner in any form of relationship, know that that relationship is on the verge of collapsing. Some have continued to suspect their partner wrongly for many unfounded reasons: past experience, gossip about your partner, complaints from in-laws. One can also complain when one did not take adequate time to study the partner’s temperament and eneagramic code.

Relationship is built and as such must take time, energy, endurance, patience, understanding, forbearance, recognizing human beings as such, etc. Read this short story and see how impatience over a little thing can shatter that wonderful relationship you have been anticipating in your live.

A man who has fed his family (him and his wife) from hand to mouth decided to travel, after living with his wife for two years, to a distant country so as to make their living better. After serving a man for 19 years in the foreign country, the boss decided to settle him. He called him to his inner chamber and began “my boy I am very grateful for the kind of person you are, your kind is really rare. And that is why I want to settle you.” The man smiled in his heart for he did not expect this from his boss. “I have two options for you” the man continued. “Do you want me to give you $100,000 or should I give you some pieces of advice and three loaves of bread.” After a thoughtful thinking he said: “I chose the second option.”

After the pieces of advice he was given three loaves of bread and was set free. At once the man decided to come home to his wife whom he has not seen for over 19 years. On his journey back home he stopped over in a hotel to pass a night. At night he felt like using one loaf. On opening it he saw a written note: “all that glitters is not gold.” As he was pondering over this, there came a good music through his window. He tried to go and dance with those people but on the second thought he remembered the written note and cancelled the idea of going out. In the morning he enquired of the people who were beating the music. To his utmost chagrin he was told that they were cannibals who kill any visitor who would come to join them in the music. The man took the second loaf on the second day before he resumed his journey. Inside the second loaf, he saw another note and written on it is: “before you act in anger, wait for about two minutes.” When the man resumed his journey and reached home, he saw his wife and a young man of about 19 years sitting together and chatting. The man could not contain it. He burst out and began shouting at his wife trying to bring down heavens. “You prostitute! Who are you chatting with? Is that how you have been faithful in my absence?” He was raining all forms of abusive words on his wife. “Please can you listen to me for two minutes darling” the woman calmly replied. At once the man remembered the content of the note found in the second loaf. He sat down foaming. “Do you remember that we played at night just a month before your departure? This young man you are seeing here is the fruit of that play of that remarkable night” the women explained. The man was dumbfounded. Amidst tears, he knelt down and apologized to the faithful wife. That having been done there began merriment in the family. The third loaf was brought.

He explained to his family how he has gone to man and how they have lived tilled he settled him with three loaves of bread and pieces of advice. After that they opened the loaf to eat. But lo and behold! a cheaque of $100,000. The man deliberately inserted the man’s money inside the bread.

This was a fruit of patience. There are a lot concerning patience and other ingredients of relationship. You have to take it easy. Everybody is not going to believe like you and always. We shall continue with other ingredients next time.