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Technology is the Tool, Democracy is the Lesson and Africa is the Laboratory.

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Things to do Once You Are a Member

  • Checkout the Citizen Forum and benefit from over 2,500 posts made every week.
  • Launch and coordinate public awareness and educational campaigns using social media.
  • Report good citizenry, upload videos and be recognized by our peers for contributions.
  • Post audio-visual material and videos to demonstrate community challenges and the role you played in solving the challenge.
  • Create non-linear, rich contextual interactive blog articles and leverage that experience to drive discussions around online news media.
  • Enter a challenge or any one of a number of other competitions and participate in polls.
  • Check out our Citizen Journalism section to view educational videos and photo content.
  • Access the calendar to see when workshops, twitter chats, peace campaigns and other activities are being held and where.
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